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Mausoleums Dryden, Ithaca & Cortland NY

The Dryden Monument Company can construct a mausoleum in your cemetery of choice. With Close to 20 years of experience, you can count on professional, courteous service and the best products available.

Some information on mausoleums and a gallery of a few that we have done below…

Where does the name “Mausoleum” come from?
The Mausoleum gets its name from King Mausoleos, an ancient king, who was one of the first people entombed above ground.

When were mausoleums first used?Above ground burial has been used for thousands of years with numerous references to this in the bible.

Why are community mausoleums a relatively recent development?American technology and modern methods of construction made it possible to offer the option to families of moderate means.

What is the history of mausoleums in the United States?Cemeteries in California took the lead building mausoleums in the 1920′s. The building of mausoleums has spread rapidly throughout the U.S. and is now very common in modern cemeteries.

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